Direct Debiting System (DDS)

This cash management service enables firms dealing with many customers or implementing a dealership system to automatically collect payments for goods and services from customers or dealers through our banking system.

Needs-specific solutions may be arranged through DDS applications integrated with firms’ accounting systems.

Electronic Check and Bill Transfer

A cash management service that allows firms who make collections predominantly through checks and bills to provide check and bill information to our bank electronically for collection transactions.​

Cash Collection

A cash management service by which our armored vehicles and personnel transport cash from your firm to be deposited in your firm’s bank accounts.​​

Bill Payment

A cash management system that enables bills with electricity, water, telephone, gas, television, ADSL etc. service providers to be paid through our bank. All individuals and firms may use this service to pay their bills, although this can vary by province.

Credit Card Bill Payment

Pay off your bills through a direct debit on your credit card.

  • Apply to your nearest branch to set up a direct debit on your credit card for bill payments.
  • Set up a direct debit and benefit from making your payments on the final payment date of your credit card, not your bill.
  • The bill amount will be reflected on your credit card statement on the final payment date of the bill.
  • Brings the added convenience of being able to monitor your bill / contribution payments on your credit card statement.
  • Differs from a direct debit on an account in that you do not need to worry if there are sufficient funds in your account on the final payment date for your bills / contributions.
  • Your bills / contributions are paid regularly subject to the credit limit of your card.
  • Whether or not a charge is levied on bill / contribution payments by credit card varies by institution. ​​​​

Salary Payments

This cash management service enables public institutions and private enterprises to transfer salary information to our bank, where salary amounts are automatically transferred on payment dates to personnel accounts.

Tax, Duty and Traffic Fine Payment

A cash management method which, by means of a protocol between our bank and the Ministry of Finance, allows for all tax payments to be made through our bank.

A cash management service that allows firms / institutions to make batch payments to persons without accounts at our bank.​​​​​

Batch Bank Transfers / Batch EFTs

A cash management service that allows firms / institutions to make any number of EFTs and bank transfers required through a single payment.​​​​​​

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