A flexible multi-currency business account that supports your business lifetime financial needs.

Established for businesses with greater banking activity looking for premier relationship benefits. Multi-Currency Business account is available for For home-based, nonprofit, and smaller organizations with business banking needs. With Marquette Capital Bank Makes Your Life Easier and are an excellent way to earn interest while you still maintain easy access to your money with internet banking and in mobile devices.

Benefits of Multi-Currency Business Account

With Marquette Capital Bank Multi-Currency Business account is established for businesses and larger organizations with need for higher balances and greater financial activity. Businesses seeking premier global banking relationship services..

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  • Coin and currency deposits just 25¢ per $1000:
  • Transaction items are charged on a per-item basis
  • Only $17.50 monthly service charge if monthly balance is less than $100,000.00
  • Make unlimited foreign money transfers EFT through your Multi-Currency Business Account
  • Place a “Direct Debit” with your Business account to automatically make invoice, credit card payments, and loan repayments from funds available in your Business Account.
  • Enjoy a competitive base rate plus bonus interest each month you grow your balance
  • Free SMS alert on every transaction
  • Even if your account has run dry, you can convert your Business Account to an Overdraft Business Account for your cash and payment needs.
  • Unlimited and instant access to your money online through your Marquette Capital Bank internet banking services

Do you want to get your money and use it easily, whenever you need it?

Marquette Capital Bank Multi-Currency Business Account is a safe place for customers to keep cash that they do not need access to on a regular basis while allowing them to earn interest. A low balance requirement makes this an ideal Business account for those just starting their lives or those who do not maintain balances high enough to earn the higher rates on on longer-term investment products.

Marquette Capital Bank Multi-Currency Business accounts are not subject to transaction limit Regulations withdrawal, no matter the form of the withdrawal – transfer, check, debit card, computer, etc. International withdrawals may result in fees, account closure, change of account type, and termination of transfer capability or other remedial actions. Withdrawals made in person, by mail, messenger, or ATM are unlimited.


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Security and protection

Zero Liability Protection on Debit Cards, and 24/7 fraud monitoring with Free SMS alert on every transaction.

Pay your way

Easy ways to make payments and send or transfer money.

Convenience and control

  • Pre-printed deposit and withdrawal slips offered at no charge.
  • Access to other banking services including Direct Deposit and electronic transfers.
  • Our mobile and internet banking puts you in control of your accounts.
  • ATM card or linkage to your existing Marquette Capital Bank Business account Debit or ATM card
  • Convenient access. Access via Visa/Mastercard global ATM network.

To open a Borrow Life account, you must:

  • Be aged 18+ (if you’re under 18, parent/guardian authorization letter is required); and
  • Have a Marquette Capital Bank everyday Business account
  • Enjoy $250 welcome bonus, once your opening deposit is received and processed
  • Must have your account updated if KYC documents expires


Money accepted as deposit by the Bank from a Client regardless of their amount and currency are bonded by the Turkish Deposit Insurance Fund up to $196,000.00 according to the Law on Bank Deposit Guarantee.

If you are an international client and would like to open an account we can assist you via live chat, email or by telephone, altenative visit our headquaters in the Republic of Turkey or other global business office network listed on contact us section of Marquette Capital Bank.


Apply online for your new a new business account and join the Marquette Capital Bank Business family, we’d love to have you..

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