A flexible savings account that supports your savings goals.

Savings accounts with Marquette Capital Bank are an excellent way to earn interest while you still maintain easy access to your money with internet banking and in mobile devices.

Benefits of Life Savings Account

With a Marquette Capital Bank Life Savings account, you can save automatically when you link your savings account to a Marquette Capital Bank Multi-Currency Current account. Then, choose from a variety of automatic savings options that fit your needs..

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  • Earn up to 7.30% p.a. variable interest rate, including:
  • 2.50%-7.50%  Per quater standard variable base rate plus
  • 7.40% p.a. variable bonus rate each month you grow your balance.
  • Enjoy a competitive base rate plus bonus interest each month you grow your balance.
  • Unlimited and instant access to your money online through your Marquette Capital Bank everyday Current Account account

Understanding Marquette Capital Life Savings account

Marquette Capital Bank Life Savings Account is a safe place for customers to keep cash that they do not need access to on a regular basis while allowing them to earn interest. A low balance requirement makes this an ideal savings account for those just starting a savings plan or those who do not maintain balances high enough to earn the higher rates on on longer-term investment products.

Marquette Capital Bank Savings accounts are subject to Regulations and are limited to six (6) withdrawal transactions per month, no matter the form of the withdrawal – transfer, check, debit card, computer, etc. Excessive withdrawals over the limit may result in fees, account closure, change of account type, and termination of transfer capability or other remedial actions. Withdrawals made in person, by mail, messenger, or ATM are unlimited.


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Percentage Base Fee / Balance Requirement

  • 0.5% quarterly base fee can be waived with minimum daily balance of $50,0000.00
  • $5.00 per transfer withdrawal fee if more than six (6) withdrawals per quarter

Competitive base rate

  • Earns Marquette Capital Bank Life Savings Rate. Interest is compounded daily and paid quarterly on collected at 5%
  • Balances. (Minimum $2,000.00 daily balance to earn Annual Percentage Yield (APY)

Other Benefits and Savings Goals

  • Pre-printed deposit and withdrawal slips offered at no charge.
  • Access to other banking services including Direct Deposit and electronic transfers.
  • Automatic qualify for loans up to $30,000.00
  • ATM card or linkage to your existing Marquette Capital Bank current account Debit or ATM card
  • Convenient access. Access via Visa/Mastercard global ATM network.

To open a Borrow Life account, you must:

  • Be aged 18+ (if you’re under 18, parent/guardian authorization letter is required); and
  • Have a Marquette Capital Bank everyday Current account
  • Must have a minimum balance of $2,500.00 in your Current Account
  • Must have your account updated if KYC documents expires

Emergency Savings

Marquette Capital Bank emergency fund is a life savings Scheme account with money set aside to cover large, unexpected expenses, such as:

  • Unforeseen medical expenses.

  • Home-appliance repair or replacement.

  • Major car fixes.

  • And, costliest of all, unemployment.


Giving and Gifts Fund

Money is a great gift. But, depending on who you’re giving it to, there may be a better way to do so than writing a check or slipping some cash in an envelope. Teenagers might enjoy the instant gratification of cash, for example, but their parents might prefer you give a gift that teaches those teens about saving. Unlike cash that a teenager may be tempted to spend immediately, options like transfereing money from your Marquette Capital Bank life savings account to their account digitally through online banking can help teens learn how to manage deposits and balance saving with spending.

House Needs

You should ope a Marquette Capital Bank account start saving for a house as soon as the desire to buy one crosses your mind. Most people know that a home is probably the largest single purchase they’ll ever make. But many first-time buyers underestimate the amount of cash they will need to purchase their dream home.

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